Charitable Donations

Charitable Donations

At St. Thomas à Becket we are focused on building the kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is what Jesus preached on most. We are working hard to fulfill our call.

We at St. Thomas à Becket see this call to us being fulfilled through preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, reaching out into the community through community action (such as the deacon’s cupboard), as well as a host of other community outreach events. We believe that as the truth of God grows in someone they are changed into his likeness. Our ministry is an expression of the change that has happened in each of us.

You can click either the Paypal link or Canada Helps link below to give, or if you are interested in giving in person, by cheque or cash, you can drop it in our mail slot or place it in the offertory on Sunday Morning.

If you are interested in learning other ways to contribute please contact to learn about e-transfer, PAR (automatic withdrawal), or gifts in kind.


Donate with a debit card, credit card or use your PayPal account to make a one-time gift or recurring monthly donations

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Canada Helps

Make a one-time gift or set up recurring monthly donations using a credit card, your PayPal account or a Canada Helps gift card. You can also dedicate your gift in honour or or in memory of someone.

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Additional Info

Each of these online options ensures the money is safely collected and transferred to the work of St. Thomas à Becket. If you have any questions you are welcome to contact the office directly at: