We welcome all inquiries around baptism (sometimes called christening). Individuals of all ages are baptized; it is not unusual to have both infants and older children or teens baptized together. Adults are also welcome to be baptized. Occasionally, parents with their children are baptized together, and that is often a very moving moment.

What Is The Sacrament of Holy Baptism?

Baptism is about a new Beginning. Getting baptized is a way of saying, “Sign me up! I want to identify as a follower of Jesus; I am making a commitment.”

Baptism is about Belonging. Getting baptized is about being initiated into the church community and becoming a member of the Body of Christ: That is why baptism is conducted in the Sunday worship celebration (not privately). Baptisms are often held on or close to a major Christian festival (Baptism of Jesus in January, Sundays after Easter, Pentecost, All Saints). This is why we wish to see the candidate, or at least one parent of a child candidate, involved in the Christian community.

Baptism is about Becoming. To choose to be baptized is choosing to be shaped by the teachings and character of Jesus and how we intend to live our lives.